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For the price of a cup of coffee, you can help save lives!

Did you know in some Geelong suburbs 34% of people don't have access to the internet? Imagine being one of those families, and then be told to home school.  Foodbank are reporting an estimated increase of 78% in people seeking food relief. COVID-19 lockdowns have worsened the potential for abuse in many homes, with recent reports that 60% of services reporting an increase in the frequency of violence against women.

Mandurah has recorded the highest rate of unemployment in the country increasing from 6.9% in February to 18% now.

These people live amongst us, and it's not because they made poor decisions. Some people are just born unlucky.

If you were to sacrifice the cost of one coffee a fortnight, you can help save lives. Workplace givers are hero’s who allocate a small, insignificant portion of their pay to the Give Where You Live Foundation, United Way Glenelg or PEACH which enables them to support community organisations.

Last year, the Give Where You Live Foundation provided $2.6 million towards in community grants and impact work. 20% of that is from the Workplace Giving stars amongst us.

Every need has intensified right now. If you already give you can even add as little as an extra $1. If we all pitch in a little, it will make a big difference.

Click your region and become a local hero today!

*Download form and email to Lisa Dixon  or Trish Morris 

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